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Tiket Flight Berdasarkan Berat, Pay-by-Weight fares for Airline Ticket

Approach baru untuk jual tiket secara Pay-by-Weight fares adalah sangat menarik.

Kata Ketua Pacific airline yang menjadi perintis kepada system bedasarkan berat penumpang menyatakan langkah tersebut sangat berjaya sehingga mereka menambah bilangan kapal terbang.

Samoa Air memperkenalkan world-first system hujung tahun 2012 bila mereka mula mengenakan bayaran tiket berdasarkan berat penumpang, berbeza dengan system lama yang berdasarkan 'seat'.

Ketua Eksekutifnya, Chris Langton menyatakan bahawa caj $0.575 cents atau RM1.83 per kilo terbukti popular dan bermaksud ianya tambang yang murah untuk majority orang.

Copy from their website  :

Talofa! And welcome to pay by weight and the first Airline in the world to sell your flight by the kilo!
You have probably seen and heard a lot lately about this… well let’s talk airfares!

Heres how it works…
Give us your weight… within a kilo or two would be fine, then tell us how much baggage you want to take, you can take as many bags as you like but just give us the intended total of your baggage in kilos (a kilo is 2.2 pounds)
We or the system will add all of this together and charge by the kilo against the sector fare which is always in our local currency (the Samoan Tala) and that is your total airfare… simple
On payment you will have a page to download and bring with you when you check in…
 If you are travelling as a group and paying as one then follow the same process for each member and again the system will add all the weights and calculate the total cost based on the kilo rate for the sector…

What do we do…?
Well by knowing your weights we can make some arrangements for the best seat for you and your ease of travel and if we can get you more leg room and a more spacious seating then we will…
We weigh everything. We don’t use “standard weights” we use real weights. Real weights are for real people..

Why Pay By Weight…?
Aircraft can only provide a certain amount of weight on each and every sector for us to sell, so our commodity is weight!
We gear our price per kilo by working it to pay for the sector, our objective is to carry the full payload – and give everyone equal comfort and to maximise our efficiency so we can offer lower rates in the future…
So the more we know about actual weight the more efficient we can be at reaching the target then… we can start to bring our cost per kilo down… so you get the benefit of the best price we can deliver for anyone needing to send weight (either cargo or passengers) on any of our sectors and what’s more because you book it on – it travels!

How fair is pay by weight…?
It’s the fairest of any system… not that there are a lot of systems around. Think equality of purchase. Think no discrimination. Think one price for all because a kilo is a kilo is a kilo… think that you only pay for what you carry and everyone pays for what they use (which is the dreaded kilo or pound if you prefer)…

How about space and a comfy seat and some leg room… I just paid a lot for my weight…
We know that weight in advance so we can place you where we can at least try to get you space and a seat which is comfortable and we can do that by removing seats, increasing pitch between rows, and leaving areas unoccupied – and if you nominate a companion we know their weight and we can try to give you the combination you deserve… and for the larger and heavier we will try to give you space adjacent…

What about Families...?
Well… no more paying for seats for the kids at adult seat fare prices or half adult seat fare prices… just total up their individual weights and they get their seats at the same per kilo rate as everyone else on the aircraft pays… check it out… how fair is that… remember that we always have seats but it’s all about weight…

So… how about cargo or unaccompanied baggage...
With us you can book it onto any particular flight… and it goes! Cargo rates are the same as passenger rates because a kilo…is a…. and you know the rest!
The only addition to cargo fees is if an item is in need of special handling then an appropriate fee is added.. but our aim is to minimise that part to actual costs.. I.e. for a Surfboard its $10 tala per board, plus the per kilo weight for the whole pack…

So…how can we help you to help us..
Just give this a go…we want to bring back the enjoyment in air travel.. we want to reinvent ways to make air travel an experience which you can still look forward to… and the greater part of that is staff who really concern themselves with your welfare… on and off the aircraft..
Welcome to our home…and yours...

The Skys the Limit

About Samoa Air :
Samoa Air is a small airline from Samoa that operates scheduled flights between the domestic islands as well as to American Samoa. It also provides charter flights and medical transfer flights.

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