Thursday, 12 December 2013

Theme Park "The TWO" : RM5b Mega Project in Rawang

Property developer DA Land has plans to develop a three-in-one theme park incorporating a resort, a wholesale city and a mall outlet on 51-acre (20.6ha) site in Rawang, Selangor with expected cost of RM5 billion.

DA Land CEO Derek Chew said the unique location and direct access from the North-South Expressway will ensure sustainability and its prospective status as an iconic Malaysian retail development.

The theme park is central to the 51-acre development's focus on creating an experiential destination.
Chew said it will feature outdoor, semi-outdoor, and indoor parks and gardens, with more developments expected in its future phases to make it the largest theme park of its kind in the world.
The theme parks will also have uniquely designed landscapes featuring exotic flora and fauna, he added.

He added that the development can be wholesale regional hub for Asean as Malaysia is a strategic point in Assia travelers and could be an ideal rest stop for long distance travelers along expressway.

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The TWO that bigger than Mid-valley as ;

-will be the Largest Mall in MALAYSIA
-Premium outlet (Similar to JOHOR Premium Outlet)
-Wholesales City (Kenanga WholeSale Mall)
-Theme Park (International indoor waterpark)

Destination Tourist Spot
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