Saturday, 29 September 2012

BUDGET : Visit Malaysia Year 2013/14 Targeted To Draw 26.8 Million Tourists

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28 (Bernama) -- For Visit Malaysia Year 2013/14, the government has allocated RM358 million under the development expenditure, an increase of 42 per cent, to target 26.8 million tourist arrivals.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said tourism was a key economic growth sector, contributing almost 12 per cent GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Tabling the 2013 Budget today, he said that total revenue generated from the tourism sector was estimated to increase to RM62 billion in 2012.

As a tax incentive, tour operators who bring in at least 500 foreign tourists a year are currently given tax exemption for three years.

For tour operators who bring in at least 500 foreign tourists or handle 1,500 local tourists a year, the government has proposed under the 2013 Budget that the income tax exemption be extended for three years.

The income tax exemption will be in force beginning with the 2013 assessment year until 2015.


Friday, 28 September 2012

Malaysia's Budget 2013 on Tourism Industry

Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia just announce incentive for tourism company if they able to bring more than 750 foreign tourist or 1500 local tourist.

I need to check again the 'fact' on tomorrow's newspaper. I think its a great opportunity for local company and industry player as a whole.

Budget 2013 is expected to generate more than 26.8 million tourist.

JPA Scholars Fly on Malaysia Airlines’ A380-800

Kuala Lumpur (28 September 2012): Malaysia Airlines was the preferred carrier of the Public Service Department (JPA) which sent 43 scholars to Dublin for higher education. The students boarded Malaysia Airlines’ A380 flight MH002 at KL International Airport (KLIA) on 21st September 2012 at 11.40pm (Malaysian Time) and connected from London to Dublin, Ireland where they will pursue their studies in the medical discipline.
A humble send-off programme for the students was organised by Malaysia Airlines at KLIA, graced by Datuk Farida Bt Mohd Ali, (Deputy Director General Public Service-Development) of the Public Service Department. The students were in a strong spirit of achievement, gratitude and excitement when they took off from our homeland and the spirit of 1Malaysia was clearly visible at the send-off where the students from all backgrounds and ethnicity shared the memorable moment together.
Malaysia Airlines Regional Senior Vice President Malaysia & ASEAN Region, Encik Muzammil Mohamad said, “Malaysia Airlines is indeed very proud to be part of this wonderful journey of these students. They can be assured of a very comfortable journey on Malaysia Airlines experiencing our A380 premium services like world-class meals, beverages, entertainment and on-board facilities. We have been working closely with JPA to help with the scholars travel and we are truly honoured to be the airline of choice for the JPA,” he added.
Datuk Farida Bt Mohd Ali, Deputy Director General Public Service (Development), said, “Malaysia Airlines is surely our first choice for scholar travel arrangements as it has offered very competitive fares for this purpose. JPA looks into best travel arrangements and Malaysia Airlines has always cooperated well with JPA in this endeavour. This assists us in our commitment to facilitate Malaysian students who would like to pursue their dreams abroad and return with a storehouse of knowledge to serve our country better,” he added.
Prior to this departure, JPA also sent a total of 520 sponsored Malaysian students to Paris, Delhi, Jakarta, Bangalore, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong on Malaysia Airlines in August and September this year.
“Malaysia Airlines takes this opportune moment to wish the JPA scholars all the very best and our only hope is that they will succeed in pursuance of their dreams”, added Muzammil at the event.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Malaysia Has Great Potential In Medical Tourism

by Wan Shahara Ahmad Ghazali

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 25 (Bernama) -- Medical tourism has been identified as having the potential of being a revenue generator for the country due to the response shown by foreigners who seek quality healthcare services.

Foreigners come to Malaysia for medical tourism due to the low costd of healthcare services, complemented by existence of excellent medical technology and infrastructure.

The outcome of a survey conducted by a foreign-based body reveals that heart procedures conducted in Malaysia are 10 times cheaper than those conducted in the United States.

Indonesian tourists comprise the highest number of those seeking healthcare services followed by visitors from Arab nations.

Efforts by Melaka to boost the number of Indonesian tourists seeking healthcare services in the state appear to be bearing fruit as more Indonesians are switching their attention from Singapore to Melaka for such services.

Statistics show that in 2010, some 60 per cent of 280,000 tourists to Malaysia went to Melaka for medical treatment while Kuala Lumpur is the destination of choice for Arab tourists.


According to KPJ Healthcare (KPJ) managing director Datin Paduka Siti Sa'adiah Sheikh Bakir, Arab visitors made up eight per cent of tourists who sought healthcare services at the group's hospitals.

KPJ is Malaysia's largest group of private hospitals.

"Many foreigners choose Malaysia for elective medical procedures particularly cancer, orthopaedic and cosmetic treatment," she said after launching the Arab Community Day at KPJ Tawakal Hospital here recently.

As the Arabs prefer Malaysia as their destination for shopping, Siti Sa'adiah said that it is time for Malaysia to promote the medical tourism sector aggresively.

"KPJ has been actively promoting its services to the Arab community for more than 10 years now, " she said.

KPJ collaborated with Aswaq, a leading Aranb publication entity to stage the event. Among the guests were the first Secretary, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Moharib Ibrahim Al Moharib and Arab Economic Caucus Adviser, Dr Mahmoud Al-Musafer.

She said that KPJ hospitals in Klang Valley will continue to provide the best services for the Arab community, adding that the group had managed a hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for several years.


Siti Sa'adiah said that since KPJ was established 30 years ago, its hospitals have been providing the best in terms of medical care, facilities and technology, supported by experienced personnel.

KPJ has around 10,000 professional and support medical Personnel in its service.

"We have 860 specialists in various disciplines and we are trying to attract Malaysian specialists abroad to return home to serve."

"This is our effort to provide quality clinical services on par with other hospitals worlwide," she said.

KPJ has 21 hospitals nationwide and two hospitals in Indonesia.


KPJ's newest hospital, the Klang Specialist Hospital has 200 beds.

Over the next four years, KPJ plans to fork out RM867 million to develop six new hospitals - Sabah Specialist Hospital, Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital, Pahang KPJ Specialist Hospital, Bandar Dato' Onn Specialist Hospital, Perlis Specialist Hospital and Muar Specialist Hospital.

Aware of the medical tourism potential in Iskandar Malaysia, Siti Sa'adiah says that KPJ has plans to build a hospital equipped with the best facilities and services in the region.

The group also targets to earn RM3.0 billion in turnover within the next five years.


KPJ will also venture into a field, which is still regarded as new in Malaysia -the care of the elderly or 'hospis'.

It is now the main shareholder of Jeta Garden in Brisbane, Australia, which specialises as retirement resort for the care of the elderly.

KPJ also established the Klinik Waqaf An-Nur Jcorp (KWAN) in 1998. This group has 17 charity clinics and dialysis centres nationwide, apart from the charity healthcare institution, the Waqaf Hospital in Pasir Gudang.


AirAsia Perluas Promosi Tempat Duduk Percuma Ke Laluan Antarabangsa

KUALA LUMPUR: Kempen promosi "tempat duduk percuma" oleh AirAsia, yang ditawarkan bagi laluan domestik, diperluaskan ke laluan antarabangsa terpilih syarikat penerbangan tambang rendah itu bermula esok.
AirAsia berkata promosi itu, yang memerlukan penumpang membayar hanya cukai lapangan terbang dan fi yang dikenakan, menawarkan sehingga satu juta tempat duduk untuk direbut.
Tambang terangkum ke penerbangan domestik bagi AirAsia Malaysia, AirAsia Thailand, AirAsia Indonesia dan AirAsia Philippines adalah daripada sehingga serendah RM26 sehala.
Kempen promosi itu boleh didapatkan menerusi, kata syarikat penerbangan itu dalam satu kenyataan hari ini. Tempat duduk percuma ke destinasi antarabangsa boleh ditempah bermula esok sehingga Ahad bagi tempoh perjalanan dari 1 April, 2013 hingga 30 Sept, 2013.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Malaysia Sasar 36 Juta Pelancong Menjelang 2020

GEORGE TOWN: Malaysia yakin mencapai sasaran jumlah pelancong sebanyak 36 juta orang menjelang tahun 2020, kata Menteri Pelancongan Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen.

Kenyataan oleh Pegawai Khas kepada Menteri Pelancongan, Ritzeraynn Rashid berkata, kementerian itu juga menyasarkan jumlah pelancong sebanyak 25 juta orang pada tahun ini.

Katanya, laporan media semalam yang memetik bahawa kementeriannya yakin mencapai sasaran sebanyak 36 juta pelancong pada akhir tahun ini adalah tidak tepat.

Ng juga dipetik sebagai berkata, keyakinan untuk mencapai sasaran jumlah pelancong itu adalah berdasarkan statistik jumlah pelancong yang semakin meningkat.
Katanya, statistik terbaru setakat semalam mencatatkan sebanyak 24.7 juta pelancong telah mengunjungi negara ini. - BERNAMA 19 Sept 2012


Malaysia’s national carrier fares offered through the world’s leading full-service online distribution channel

20 September 2012: Malaysia Airlines announced today the expansion of its relationship with the Expedia, Inc. group, the world’s largest online travel company, to offer travellers in Malaysia affordable airfares all year round at any time of the day, effective 20 September 2012.
This partnership provides Malaysian consumers with a simple and easy to use online travel booking channel for them to view, select, transact and finalise their air travel needs from the comfort of their homes and work places.
The arrangement appoints Expedia as one of Malaysia Airlines’ official online ticketing agents and makes Malaysia Airlines’ full schedule of domestic and international routes and fares, including that of its wholly owned subsidiary MASwings, available to consumers booking flights on Expedia’s newly-launched Malaysia website,<>.
Commenting on this partnership, Malaysia Airlines Head of Sales and Distribution Duncan Bureau said, “As the hospitality industry firmly leverages on the online options for purchase of related products and services, we at Malaysia Airlines continuously take advantage of this development to expand our online distribution channels for customers to enjoy our best prices throughout the year. We are already working together with Expedia in other markets where we operate, and this is an extension of that partnership for the benefit of our customers in Malaysia. As a 5-star airline with the world’s best cabin crew, we are pleased to partner with the leading online travel company for our customers to get the best deals and enjoy our full service hospitality during their air travels”.
“We are very pleased to build upon Expedia’s relationship with Malaysia Airlines, one of the country’s leading travel brands, to provide consumers with an extensive selection of Malaysia Airlines’ content on the country’s only full-service travel site,,” said Greg Schulze, Senior Vice President of Global Tour and Transport, Expedia. “It’s an exciting opportunity and one that will improve the entire travel booking experience for consumers throughout Malaysia.”

Sumber : MAS
Komen saya ;

Air Asia sudah pun mengorak langkah awal dengan menjadikan Expedia sebagai 'Partner'. Bagus juga MAS berbuat demikian. Kemudahan untuk merancang percutian sendiri terbuka luas. dulu mungkin sesuatu yang sukar, namun sekarang semuanya boleh ditempah online.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Senarai Hitam Dilarang Ke Luar Negara

Anda ghairah nak jalan satu dunia?

Mempunyai sumber kewangan yang kukuh?

Sudah mempunyai rancangan ke luar negara dalam masa terdekat?

LUPAKAN saje kalau dah kena Black List..

Yup! kalau dah kena black list, terutama pada yang tak membayar PTPTN, boleh semak Black List di laman web rasmi Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia klik disini.


Wow Thistle Port Dickson

Salam & Greetings to All!,

Adoiai, sungguh lama tak menaip di blog memandangkan kerja banyak yang bertalu-talu. 3 minggu lepas saya menyertai retreat anjuran company di Port Dickson.

Bertempat di Thistle, Port Dickson, hotelnya memang sungguh menarik. Biasala.. tengah tak banyak duit ni, mana yang free, join je lah. Kalau kawan2 ada plan ke Port Dickson, saya memang recommend hotel ni. macam2 aktiviti boleh buat. Hotel ni antara yang terlengkap kemudahannya di antara hotel-hotel di Malaysia. kolam renang, golf, spa, movie room, tennis court, SWAT camp just to name a few.

Sebelum berangkat pulang ke kami sempat singgah di satu lokasi menarik berhampiran Tanjung Tuan. Kampung Tanjong Pelandok. Sempadan antara Negeri Sembilan dan Melaka.


Rasanya macam lokasi filem apa tah..


Syok kalau dapat luang masa mengail ikan tepi laut. Teringat masa budak-budak dulu, selalu ikut org pegi memancing. Maklumlah rumah pun tak sampai 200m dari pantai.

Monday, 17 September 2012

carian Destinasi paling popular di Google 2011

Dibawah ini adalah carian yang paling popular pada tahun 2011. Saya baru sampai satu saja dari 10 tempat yang best ni ;

1. Kowloon / Hong Kong
2. Su Mei Island, Thailand
3. Phuket Island
4. Bangkok
5. Maldives
6. Disneyland Hong Kong
7. Taipei
8. Paris
9. New York
10. Caribbean

Lagi 9 tempat ni bila la boleh pegi...? Syok berangan saja.

Visit Kelantan 2012

Tahun 2012 bakal melabuhkan tirai tak berapa bulan yang lagi.. namun tak sempat la nak tgk aktiviti-aktiviti menarik sepanjang Visit Kelantan 2012.

ada 2 website menarik untuk visit Kelantan 2012 kalau nak cari maklumat lanjut.

1. Come 2 Kelantan
2. Kelantan Tourism Information Center (official website)

Pakat-pakat jale kelate!