Friday, 13 December 2013

Candi in Bujang Valley & Stonehenge

What are the same element with these two heritage site? These two heritage site are potential in drawing the tourist.

The different is, Stonehenge had been declare as World Heritage, mean while, Candi in Bujang Valley is not yet.

The Malaysian Heritage Trust (Badan Warisan) had urge the developer who allegedly destroyed the eight-century candi in Bujang Valley to rebuild it if he has "any guilty conscience".

The regulataory bodies must look into this issue and enforce the National Heritage Act!

The candi in Bujang Valley was allegedly unknowingly destroyed by a housing developer during land clearing and recently the developer promise to rebuild the site.


I remember how I feel nonsense while visiting the Stonehenge in UK. "visiting the stone".. that's might be the title of my visit. Yes, I admit it has history and whatsoever. So do the Candi Bujang Valley!!

As The Stonehenge recognize by the World, its gain tourist and develop tourism activities around the site. I believe this could be done with 'Lembah Bujang'''s case.

Photo of Stonehenge :
Photo of Bujang Valley : The Star Online