Friday, 18 November 2016

AirAsia bags Gold at 30th International ARC Awards in New York City

BY B. SURESH RAM - 18 NOVEMBER 2016 @ 9:41 AM

SEPANG: AirAsia Bhd’s 2015 annual report themed ‘Discover More with AirAsia’ won the prestigious Gold Award under the ‘Grand Award – Best of Asia Pacific’ category at the 30th International ARC Awards. The winners were feted at the Pearl Anniversary Gala, held at The Plaza Hotel in New York City in Oct. The Company also received the Gold Award for ‘Best Non-Traditional Annual Report: Airlines’ category. The ARC Awards honours excellence in annual reports and is considered the most respected and prestigious competition in the industry. Winning an ARC prize is highly coveted due to the impartiality of the judging organisation, which boasts global representation. On top of that, Grand Awards are given only to the top 2 per cent of all the Gold winning annual reports. This year’s awards saw a total of 2,124 competing entries from 32 countries. Established by MerComm Inc. in 1987, the Annual Report Competition (ARC) Awards aims to encourage noteworthy and vital writing, as well as imaginative and original design. Preliminary and final judges represent top-level investor relations executives, financial executives, writers, designers, and photographers from over 50 different agencies and corporations. They hail from Austria, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States. Criteria used to choose winners included Cover Design, Chairman’s Letter, Writing, Interior Design, Financial Presentation, and, overall, how well the spirit of the company is reflected in the annual report. Air Asia’s Head of Investor Relations, Elina Effendi, said the award is a recognition of the efforts by a team of passionate people who have worked tirelessly to put the publication together, with the help of Allstars (AirAsia employees) from across the AirAsia Group. “We are proud to be honoured with this prestigious award recognising the creative input to our 2015 annual report. She said Airasia’s annual reports have become collectable items and they have been receiving requests for copies from corporations and individuals not just in Malaysia but all over the world. “With such high expectations given, every year, we challenge ourselves to improve the quality of our annual report as it is a representation of the AirAsia Allstars and the work they have done during the year”, she added. Elaborating on the theme of the annual report, she said, "Our annual reports are all about our people. We feature different Allstars every year based on the theme of the annual report for the year. For this publication in particular, the theme was 'Discover More with AirAsia.' She said apart from promoting new and interesting destinations with AirAsia, the annual report also has sections such as 'Discovering Your Purpose', which highlights the #AirAsiaMAKNA campaign and the story of employees who were personally affected by cancer. Elina said another section was on 'Discovering Your Ambitions', where the company talked about empowering Airasia’s people to achieve their dreams. This included the likes of Kugan Tangiisuran from Malaysia, who was a dispatch boy but is now a pilot; a Thai AirAsia Allstar, Pinkaew Sujanakobkul, who was a ramp agent but is now an ICT Supervisor; and Tantu Agung Suharto, the Head of Corporate Quality and Assurance in Indonesia AirAsia, who started his career with the company as a guest service assistant." AirAsia’s award-winning annual reports can be viewed and downloaded at Nova Fusion Sdn Bhd is the Malaysian-based creative agency commissioned by AirAsia Berhad for the creative execution and the publication of the 2015 annual report.

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Airasia "Bagasiku Mana?"

Airasia 'Bagasiku Mana?' 30s from Reza Syadrie on Vimeo.

Nice Air Asia Ads 

'Why' is more important than 'How' in travel

Question related to Travel issues :

  1. Would low-cost airlines have grown so quickly if oil prices had been more stable? 
  1. Would peer-to-peer giants such as Airbnb and Uber have developed into billion dollar businesses if consumers in western economies were not worried about their jobs? 
  1. Would OTAs have innovated less if Google hadn’t?

  1. Where is also relevant – the rapid growth of China and India as a source for technology and travellers alike on the global travel stage is well documented.
  1. And with regions such as Latin American and Africa also starting to show signs that online travel is growing, there is an increasingly global feel to the business we all work in.
Know How
  1. But the most awkward question to answer and one that is often conveniently overlooked is why.
Know Why?
  1. Why is Priceline Group the leading player in the accommodation market? 
  1. Why is Ryanair determined to become more than just a low-cost carrier? 
  1. Why does business travel continue to keep the wheels of global commerce turning?Why do travellers shift loyalties? Why do women business travellers from Asia have different needs and demands from their peers in North America? Why does Airbnb pose such a threat to traditional accommodation providers?

We know how people search and book their trips, we know how suppliers share (or not) inventory with partners, we know how travellers like to pay.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Sharing economy and Travel trend

Hi readers,

Technology has become enabler for economic growth. certainly it also effect tourism industry. Website, apps, and tracking device make things more easier. In other word, it create new travel experience. I personally define this as "seamless travel".

Sharing Economy term can be best define as : “What’s mine is yours – for a fee.”. Sharing economy has become trend esspecially for Millenial who is tech savvy.

In Sharing Economy, Uber, Grabcar and AirBnB is a well known technology application in travel & tourism. People can now advertise and promote their local services and knowledge that allow travelers to have better access to destinations, people, and services in a way that saves a lot of money and creates a more unique and intimate travel experience.

Below is list of service related to Sharing Economy:

Accommodation :

Camping :

Couchsurfing :

House Swapping :

Semakan Status Blacklist Travel Imigresen & PTPTN

Minggu ni sibuk dengan isu yang nak keluar negara tak sangkut di airport disebabkan telah disenarai hitamkan terutama disebabkan pinjaman PTPTN.

Source : NST

Sebelum travel ke luar negara, sila la semak di link bawah ni :

Selain itu anda juga digalakkan menguruskan hutang / debt melalui debt reporting agency. Cuba CTOS reporting ni : atau melalui CTOS mobile appyang boleh didapati untuk Apple & Android.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF) 2016 4-6 Nov 2016

Jom bawak anak2, adik2 ke Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair.

The Science Fair Engineering Kuala Lumpur (KLESF) adalah satu inisiatif dengan pelbagai program dan aktiviti yang bertujuan untuk memupuk minat dalam bidang sains, teknologi, kejuruteraan dan matematik (STEM) di kalangan pelajar-pelajar sekolah rendah dan menengah.

Rakan-rakan KLESF terdiri daripada Akademi ASEAN Kejuruteraan dan Teknologi (AAET), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kumpulan Industri-Kerajaan Malaysia bagi Teknologi Tinggi (MIGHT) dan Institusi Jurutera Malaysia (IEM).

Volcano Competition

Biological Science Exploration

School Science 

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality


3D Printings

Science Talk

Talk about Solar