Monday, 14 November 2011

Travel log -Kuala Lumpur to London Gatwick

Ok, just arrive at London Gatwick 9.07pm local time in London after a long questions by immigration officer. For first time flyer sometime more easy than frequent flyer.

From Kuala Lumpur LCCT first flying with Air Asia X and first time used Airport LCCT, Sepang. Airport have easy access. Good news is FREE WiFi for 3 hours in waiting area. Thats good enough because when I use internet, time flies by..

Check in Baggage allowance for Air Asia X is 20kg and max for hand luggage is 7kg! Bear in mind, electronic device such as laptop, camera, phone is not include in that 7kg. "check in baggage memang timbang la.. 19kg. tapi hand luggage tak pulak timbang.. lega pasal confirm lebih dari 7kg!"

LCCT view ~

Air Asia X's flight look great!

Having chat to person next me, he is first time travel by himself. Doing medicine in UPM and looking forward for a holiday a week in London. Look what he is doing..
yes.. studying all the time!!

Feel so hungry, and decided to buy Nasi Lemak MYR15.00 with Mineral water MYR3.00. Hmm.. MYR15 is like eating the same food 5 times at local 'warung'. Maybe AirAsiaX already use standard price.. "takkan nak bagi mat salleh bayar 1 pounds makan nasi lemak kan?".

Looking thru window.. stunning view!

Bisness class seat ;

Economy class seat ;

Procedure before landing. Treatment using a quick-acting insecticide.. You can read more here..

Then waiting for next flight another 10 hours at London Gatwick..this is normal view at the airport..

Thank god i can excess internet by paying with visa card. Visa card is one of the important thing to have especially when machine doesn't accept cash. Its a relief when i travelled to amsterdam years ago.. to pay for baggage storage machine, it only accept card!

Internet at this London Gatwick Aiport is not free like in LCCT, Kuala Lumpur. Some operator charge GBP1 for just 10 minutes. Ok, time flies by.. 10 hours waiting just like 2 hours.. need to catch up another flight to Glasgow.