Saturday, 12 November 2011

Wish Destination : Norway

My wish destination this week is Norway -Oslo, Bergen, Fjords

Fjord -most famous attraction in Norway!

It is cheap if u stay in UK then take an opportunity to travel around europe. Just imagine, sometime u can get cheap flight ticket as low as 9 pounds for example from Preswick (Glasgow) to Oslo, Norway.

While i'm stayed at Glasgow, I always watched 'Coach Trip'. Its a reality show that bring contestant from UK, travel by bus around Europe.

At the end of each trip, everybody will vote who then want to sent home and be replace by a new pair.

The travellers are accompanied by tour guide, Brendan Sheerin.

One of the trip they do is Fjords, and Oslo. Norway is famous with 'Northern Lights' or Aurora Borealis ;

This phenomena can also be seen from Isle of Skye, North of Scotland. Have been there once. very nice place, but haven't got a chance to see this.

The other place that i wish to go instead of Oslo is Bergen. 

Norway ;

Some of the landmark of Norway :

Bear in mind that Norway is the most expensive destination in Europe. Minimun wages in Norway is about GBP18.00 per hour. Thats like  RM90 per hour minimum wages. No wonder food is very expensive. Some said u might spend about GBP50,  2 person just for lunch in Oslo.

only a dream..