Saturday, 3 December 2011

Journey to Seven Sisters, England, UK

Last weekend, while waiting for the next flight at London Gatwick Airport, I decided to take an opportunity traveled to Seven Sisters, East Sussex.

Postcard that i bought at Lewes

This is the only destination i wish to travel if I had a chance. I prefer not to go to central London because it has too many attraction and if I come to UK in future, I might not go East Sussex just for this purpose.

Its 10.00a.m. Saturday 27th November 2011 and I just had a wee nap because had I carried 2 bag with me. I leave heavy 1 bag at the airport bag's storage. It charge £8.00 per bag for 24H.

Train station located at South Terminal, Gatwick Airport. I'm confused when ticket officer said I need to take a train to Victoria Station, then take next train to Seven Sisters. "Why should I travel to north (Victoria Station), then take next train to Seven Sisters?" i ask the ticket officer. From what i have read before, I need to take train to Lewes's Station or Brighton's Station first. In doubt, i decided to bought ticket to Lewes.

Nice small town of Lewes
Some view at Lewes ;

Now I know why the ticket officer said I need to take a train to Victoria Station to Seven Sisters. Seven Sisters actually one of a train station in London.
Definitely not my wish destination! photo from wikipedia
Stopped at Lewes Station, then follow by the next train to Seaford Station.

From Gatwick to Lewes is about 33min, and from Lewes to Seaford is about 15min.

Scenery along the journey feel like its still in Autumn. I reached Seaford at 12.35pm. I wish to catch next train at 12.55pm. I just had a glance of Seven Sisters and headed back to Seaford Station. Unfortunately, I can see with my two eyes, I missed the train about 3 second!! The next train will be another half hour.

This is my shot, bear in mind that I only have lens 50mm 1.8II. Hopefully somebody will sponsor me another good lens!
The only Photo I take
I get nervous because my flight depart at 4.20pm. Thats mean, I have to be at the airport about 2.30pm. The fastest way is to Brighton Station is by taxi. Then by train from Brighton to Gatwick.

Photo at Saltdean :Taxi driver kindly agree to stop here, just to shot this.
Rottingdean Windmill -along the way to Brighton
a glance of attraction at Brighton Pier
Finally I arrived at Gatwick Aiport around 2.30pm. oh, what a journey!!