Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wish Destination : Istanbul, Turkey

Wish Destination this week is Istanbul,Turkey. Istanbul is the only city stand between two Continental. At one side is Asia, and the other one is Europe.

Why is Istanbul being listed in My Wish Destination ? I wish have fasting in a ramadhan here. Hearing 5 time chant though out the city might be the most exciting experience everyday. Most importantly it is the only Islamic country in Europe with more than 99% is Muslim. The best of all transport I can say is Ferryboat. Because it only cost around £5 from Europe to Asia!
The best area to go in Istanbul is Sultanahmet District

There is several place you can go in Istanbul but this is the most popular place that i pick.

List of 6 Top Attraction ;

1. Blue Mosque
2. Hagia Sofia
3. Topkapi Palace
4. Grand Bazaar
5. Suleymaniye Mosque
6. Dolmabache Mosque

1. Blue Mosque :

Don't get confuse. Travellers call it Blue Mosque, but Turk call it SultanAhmet Mosque.

2. Hagia Sofia :

Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia

-Hagia Sofia is among the world's greatest architectural achivement. First built as  church, the as mosque, and now serve as Turkish Museum.

3. Topkapi Palace :

-Built by Mehmet II as his main residence. Sultan Abdul Mecit abandoned Topkapi in favour of Dolmabahce.

4. Grand Bazar :

-Place to shopping for souvenir!

5. Suleymaniye Mosque :

Inside view of Suleymaniye Mosque
-This is most important mosque, both a tribute to its architect, the Great Sinan and to its founder Suleyman the Magnificient.
-Sinan, the imperial architect having built 131 mosque and 200 other building.

6. Dolmabache Mosque

Unique Things to Do ;

1. Cruise along Bhosporus Strait ;

2. Walking in Cicek Pisaji (wikipedia : can be described as a miniature version of the famous Galleria in MilanItaly );
Picture from google

3. Enjoy your self at Taksim Square. "Taksim Square is a major shopping, tourist and leisure district famed for its restaurants, shops and hotels. It is considered the heart of modern Istanbul "-wikipedia

4. Hang out at Galata Bridge

Picture from Wikipedia

5. Experience Turkish Bath known as Hamam

These service include massage. Picture from Web 
Hope to be here one day..

*All the picture with watermark belong to my friend's album. Thank you for the permission. Other than that, its taken from the source stated.