Saturday, 28 September 2013

SHOWBIZ by Ezra Mohd Zaid : 10 things you don’t know about Malaysia at Astro 555

THINK you know Malaysia? Think again. Host Ezra Zaid will take you on a journey to explore and uncover the unexpected side of Malaysia, with new twists and tidbits behind the historical tales, figures and places you thought you knew.

Did you know that the KL Railway Station was built for snow? Or that Malaysia is home to the biggest cockroach infestation in the world? How about the fact that Mt Kinabalu is home to the highest suspension bridge in the world.
Premiering tomorrow at 9pm, the programme will see Ezra taking a break from radio hosting, and generally being a city boy to get his hands dirty and take viewers on an adventure like no other. Ezra will encounter wild personalities, national treasures, and provocative details about some of Malaysia’s most fascinating subjects.
Whether Ezra is looking at capturing bats at Krau Wildlife Park, or navigating the wide boulevards of Putrajaya, he’s on a mission to reveal unusual facts.

Well, I didn't had a change to watch the whole program. I watch the end part of it. Very interesting fact for example, Putrajaya's roundabout is the biggest in the world. His personalities very much suit the program. I wonder where can I get a chance to see the whole show..

Congratulation to Ezra Said. He is one of independence Malaysia Publisher which is known as ZI Publications. He completed his high school in Geelong Grammar School in Australia and graduated with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

In 10 Things You Don’t Know About Malaysia, Ezra will reveal unknown truths about our country.

Source : NST online.