Monday, 21 October 2013

What are the Best Salary in Tourism Industries ?

10 Top 10 Highest Paying Job in 2013

According to website , Air Traffic Controller berada di tempat ke-7. Untuk melihat list penuh, sila baca .

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs That Require Almost No Education

Air Traffic Controller berada di tangga no. 1 dengan anggaran pendapatan $108,040

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The Highest Earning Internet Jobs

No. 8 : Vacation Planning Counselor or The Virtual Concierge

Earning as much as $11-20 per hour, this highly primped and prompt service providers, who were traditionally seen at hotel desks, has now moved to a different realm. Their services may be accessed online through chat or via messages on the phone. As a virtual Concierge you could be preparing vacation itinerary or answering questions about the best restaurant or mode of transport available. The service provider has to research the same and send in the answers to the queries as accurately and promptly as possible.

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The Highest Earnings Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

1. Air Traffic Controllers – Median annual wage: $108,040

There are actually several kinds of controllers who make sure your plane takes off and lands safely: Air traffic controllers communicate with pilots via radio to make sure safety procedures are followed and to ensure that flights leave and arrive on time.
Approach controllers take over from the area controllers as aircrafts approach the airport. They give clearance for the aircraft to approach the airport. If there are many aircrafts in the air, this controller will put all approaching aircraft into a sequence to make sure they all land efficiently and safely.
Then there are the aerodrome controllers, these are the ones who guide the pilots in to make a safe landing, they also assign the runway it can land on and which passenger bridge it can use to dock.

2. Commercial pilot – Median annual wage: $92,060

This is perhaps one of the more fun jobs in the no-degree category. Pilots fly planes and make sure their passengers get to where they should safely. This might sound simple enough, but they actually have subtasks to fulfill.
The pilots are also responsible for checking the aircraft prior to flights in order to make sure everything is functioning properly. They also have to check the baggage has been properly loaded; set the flight path and choose altitudes and speeds to ensure a fast and safe flight. They also have to consider airport altitudes, outside temperatures, plane weights, wind speed and other factors needed to safely fly and land the plane.
They also have to coordinate with the ground crew to make sure everything is ready and the control tower to make sure they are clear for takeoff and landing.
Despite its being fun, also remember that whenever pilots fly they become responsible for the lives of their passengers.