Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Reality of Mobility Today

Now we're always online and always connected. According to study by Cisco Systems, close to 80% of world Population had access to mobile phones by the end 2013.

In 2011. there is already more mobile devices than people in staggering 97 countries around the world.

In Malaysia, we embrace mobility. Tablets take off immediately upon launch. while smartphones are norm alongside 24/7 connectivity on email, GPS, messaging, social media and apps such as WhatsApps.

Google Malaysia reports that smartphone adoption in Malaysia has risen to 35% from 9% in 2011 -that's one out of three Malaysians. Information compiled by Ipsos MediaCT found that Malaysians have become more engaged with their mobile devices with 57% using smartphone daily, higher than both the US and the UK.

According to TripAdvisor's TripBarometer Mobile and Social survey, close to 95% of Malaysian travelers are inclined to use mobile devices when they are on the road. Globally, out of all generations, 18-24 year-olds are the most avid users of mobile devices while travelling (94%) while women (88%) are slightly more attracted to their mobile devices when on holiday than men (85%)

The surveys found that mobile devices are making it possible for travelers to stay connected at all times during their trip, whether via smartphones or tablets.

It also notes that while calling (73%) and texting (62%) remain the key reasons for people to use their smartphones while traveling.

Significant number of travelers are using mobile technology to access social media and to look for recommendations while on the go