Friday, 12 October 2012

Make Malaysia a cycling destination

I ECHO the call in “Shabery: Cycling gaining popularity” (The Star, Oct 10). I wish to see this as a way of life and the making of Malaysia a cycling destination.

For this to be realised, the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Tourism Ministry must work together to popularise cycling as a lifestyle.

Cycling, as a mode of transport has long been popular in small towns across the country, and as a sport, we have had tremendous world-class success.

Now, as a healthy pursuit and a new tourism product, it has shown some promising signs ahead, despite the lack of infrastructure like biking lanes and proper parking facilities.

Ever since biking was promoted as a tourism product by the Tourism Ministry, there’s been the sprouting of bicycle shops or boutique selling cycling outfits all over the country.

The craze seems to be catching on with youths and even the elderly, in their quest for thrills and adventure or a healthy lifestyle.

It has often been said that Malaysians do not exercise regularly to keep fit and healthy. This plus the alarming reports of obesity are best tackled by popularising this healthy outdoor activity.

On the sports front, the achievement of national track cyclist Azizul Hasni Awang at the recent London Olympics, proved that we’re on the right track for the Rio Olympics.

The same can be said of biking tourism where if promoted properly will generate more revenue for the tourism sector.

Tourism packages involving cycling will tend to create an “experiential” form of tourism, where visitors can get close to the local people and places of attractions at their own leisure and pace.


Petaling Jaya

Source : The Star Online 12 October 2012

Bla bla bla : now cycling has become popular activities. I've seen growing numbers of cyclist night and day cycling around KL/Putrajaya.