Friday, 18 November 2016

'Why' is more important than 'How' in travel

Question related to Travel issues :

  1. Would low-cost airlines have grown so quickly if oil prices had been more stable? 
  1. Would peer-to-peer giants such as Airbnb and Uber have developed into billion dollar businesses if consumers in western economies were not worried about their jobs? 
  1. Would OTAs have innovated less if Google hadn’t?

  1. Where is also relevant – the rapid growth of China and India as a source for technology and travellers alike on the global travel stage is well documented.
  1. And with regions such as Latin American and Africa also starting to show signs that online travel is growing, there is an increasingly global feel to the business we all work in.
Know How
  1. But the most awkward question to answer and one that is often conveniently overlooked is why.
Know Why?
  1. Why is Priceline Group the leading player in the accommodation market? 
  1. Why is Ryanair determined to become more than just a low-cost carrier? 
  1. Why does business travel continue to keep the wheels of global commerce turning?Why do travellers shift loyalties? Why do women business travellers from Asia have different needs and demands from their peers in North America? Why does Airbnb pose such a threat to traditional accommodation providers?

We know how people search and book their trips, we know how suppliers share (or not) inventory with partners, we know how travellers like to pay.

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