Thursday, 28 November 2013

Prince Harry & Journey of 208 mile journey of South Pole Antartica

PRINCE Harry and his fellow Walking With The Wounded expedition competitors are finally able to travel to the starting line of their South Pole trek after blizzard conditions left them snowed in at base camp. 

But with the weather conditions vastly improved, the prince and his 12 colleagues have arrived at the first stage of their 208-mile journey.
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A Kensington Palace spokesman said : "Prince Harry and half of the Walking With The Wounded teams have left Novo today for their second base camp at 87 degrees south.
"The rest of the teams will leave Novo tomorrow to join them, where they will all spend a few days acclimatising to the altitude and colder temperatures.

Harry will race with a team of injured British servicemen and women against groups from the US and the Commonwealth in an expedition organised by the charity Walking With The Wounded.

In total, 12 injured service personnel who have overcome life-changing injuries are taking part. They have tackled challenging training programmes to prepare themselves for the conditions in Antarctica.
Speaking to Sky News, Harry said: "Every single person who takes part in this challenge is extraordinary.
"The fact these guys have made it to this point is extraordinary and I count myself incredibly lucky to be part of it.'

Trekking around 15km to 20km a day, the teams will endure temperatures as low as minus 45C and 50mph winds as they pull their 70kg sleds, known as pulks, towards the southernmost point on the globe.
Harry took part in some of a Walking With The Wounded expedition to the North Pole in 2011.

"The race to the South Pole is still due to start around 30th November."
Speaking in his first interview from Antarctica, yesterday, Prince Harry said his brother Prince William would be jealous of his adventure, because it would mean getting away from "a screaming child."

Harry is braving temperatures as low as -58 F to raise money for Walking With the Wounded, but ABC News reported that the prince and his team (who are racing against two other teams captained by actors Dominic West and Alexander Skarsgard) were prevented from starting their trek by snow storms.

The race is expected to take 21 days, and each day the teams will spend 12 hours skiing with 10-minute rest breaks every two hours.

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